Thursday, April 26, 2012


I can't stop buying yoga pants. Packing for this adventure requires a certain amount of vision, ideas surrounding temperature, work requirements, the flow of day-to-day living in Massachusetts. My imagining doesn't seem to be able to muster itself up beyond Tuesday's early morning flight, so I'm filling the hazy void of clarity with yoga pants. Insulated from the unknown by cotton and Lycra, tightly packed, blue, brown, and black.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


It is amazing to me, just how much stuff I own. It is amazing how dense with memories a place can remain, empty of all furniture, extraordinarily clean. I dropped off the last load to Goodwill this morning, backseat packed tight with clothes, candles, lamps, and shoes. It felt amazing to drive away with an empty car, light and airy.

I bought my plane ticket to Kripalu yesterday. Thank you frequent flier miles to Shanghai. 2 weeks from today I'll be flying east. All this stuff distilled down even further. Ah, the magic of a suitcase. It can transform your life.